Susan is a speaker, writer, podcast hostess, grief artist and medical mama.

She is the founder of a nonprofit The Apricity Hope Project and HOPE FULL CO. LLC. 

She was recently seen on the TEDxCNU stage.

Her book, “Lessons from Lorelei” should be coming out in 2023!  


Sometimes life does not look

the way we thought it would… 


  I am pretty confident I have lived a decently stellar life.  Tons of blessings. Loads of adventures. Too many businesses.  Lots of stories to tell. All before twenty-five years old.  I thought I was on the path for the dream, you know… white picket fence and all that comes with it, but God had a slightly different plan for me.

I have a wonderful husband and two amazing, beautiful children, Lorelei and Benji. My kids both have a life threatening, rare form of mitochondrial disease and science said they have a life expectancy of two to five years.  Lorelei passed in July 2021 at five and a half years old.  Benji is currently stable and grouchy!

I am an independent writer, speaker, podcaster and artist with a mission to create hope when it may be impossible to find. Through words and colors I am not only creating a space for my heart, soul and grief, but for others too.  

So yeah, if your life looks different from what you expected – you will like it here.  Welcome. 


Aka Suz. 

Fun Fact: My birth certificate (and I suppose my parents) gave me an old(er) lady name. How many 30-something Susans do you know? Maybe this is why I feel at peace watching reruns of The Golden Girls. Friends call me Suz and so did my first license plate that read “AKA SUZ”. 

Recent Life Notes. 

I do a little writing here and a little on social media. Writing is my outlet. It helps my heart, my soul and my tired mama-brain process the chaos, the joy and the trauma. 

HOPE FULL Holidays Course

HOPE FULL Holidays Course

Join me as I kick off our first HOPE FULL COURSE!  It has been a goal to start offering courses in 2022... this year was crazy so better late than never right?! This time of year can be really tough for so many, so let's get through it together.  SIGN UP...

An Excerpt of the Intro

Soooo I am writing a book. Yep. I said it. I put it out there to God, the universe and Lorelei. And now you. I'm pushing myself to complete this book by July 7, 2023. It will be the anniversary of Lorelei gaining her wings and crossing over to heaven. I think it would...