Join me as I kick off our first HOPE FULL COURSE! 

It has been a goal to start offering courses in 2022… this year was crazy so better late than never right?! This time of year can be really tough for so many, so let’s get through it together. 

Here’s the details you need to know: 

Who is this course for?

  • While the primary audience is caregivers of medically complex and disabled children – this course is open to EVERYONE. All of the topics we will be discussing each week should translate to all of our lives. Everyone is welcome to join!


  • Week 1: The Kick-Off: Setting realistic intentions and boundaries for the upcoming season. We will talk about lots of things, including anticipatory grief and grief-grief during a season when we are “supposed” to be happy and grateful. 
  • Week 2: WTF happened to our routine? Navigating a month of chaos when our families (and ourselves) depend on routines. We have to keep things going… but what happens when they don’t? 
  • Week 3: You know they are gonna ask… Handling the conversations that are inevitably going to come up. We will prepare for the one liners and the dreaded questions.
  • Week 4: Making a to-do list and checking it twice? Let’s prioritize what really matters this holiday season.
  • Week 5: Cookies and Confusion: That week between Christmas and New Years. Let’s debrief, rest and recover. 

What to expect: 

  • This is a virtual, casual event. Come and go as you need to. Bring a coffee or a cocktail if you wish. We will be meeting VIRTUALLY via google hangouts.
  • I will have an outline of topics we will be discussing but this is a conversational course that will allow us to connect with old and new friends. We will end each session with a grounding exercise and/or meditation.
  • Course is limited to 15 people to help keep the group intimate and conversational. 
  • I will poll the group and see if they are comfortable recording the conversations before the first class. If we wish, as a group, to record for those who cannot make it – we will. If anyone is uncomfortable with recording our conversations, we will keep this a safe space to vent, connect and been seen. 
  • We will have a small facebook group just for members of this course. It will be active during the duration of the course and will be closed one week after the course ends. 
  • Due to timing, I will be mailing a small package to all attendees – however it may not make it before the start of the course. 

Class Dates + Times: *each week will will meet for one hour* 

  • Tuesday, November 29 at 7:30PM EST
  • Tuesday, December 6 at 7:30PM EST
  • Tuesday, December 13 at 7:30PM EST
  • Tuesday, December 20 at 7:30PM EST
  • Tuesday, December 27 at 7:30PM EST

Can I get a discount?

Sure, why not?! Discounts are available for Suz Geoghegan’s Patreon Members (Promo code will be shared IN the patreon group for 50% off – join or access it here.) When Autumn Comes Society Members will be able to receive 25% off and that promo code can be found in the WAC-Society Group (click here to join!).

Registration closes on 11.27.22 and is limited to 15 people so SIGN UP NOW!