Wishbeads Cause Collection Lorelei

Make a wish. Write it down. Make a difference. Help us find a cure for Mitochondrial Disease.

I am an official Wishbeads Wish Warrior! 

A few years ago I connected with Alexa, the founder of Wishbeads, over our love of Shasta Campers on Instagram.  Y’all the universe knew what it was doing when our paths crossed. Alexa is one of the kindest, most positive, HOPE FULL humans I have met.  She is a light and a breath of fresh air when so much of the internet is… well, not that.  Over time, our friendship (can I call it a friendship yet??) grew and Alexa fell for Lorelei’s charm. 

During one of our ICU admissions, I came home for a quick shower and found a package waiting for me that was not one of my middle-of-the-night amazon purchases… what was this magical little box? Alexa sent Lorelei and I matching mother/daughter Wishbeads.  This simple gesture of love and hope meant the world to me.  Five months later, when Lorelei gained her angel wings, she was wearing her rainbow Wishbeads, that I now wear every single day. 

Alexa asked me a few weeks after Lorelei passed if I would be available for a phone call.  This was all new for our insta-friendship.  On the phone she explained that Wishbeads had a new line launching called the “Cause Collection.”  She was so inspired by our story that she designed a colorful agate bracelet in honor of Lorelei.  The fact that she put so much thought into this bracelet, knowing Lorelei was the brightest light, most colorful little girl, made my heart so happy. 

Now, this bracelet is finally available to all of Lorelei’s friends, family and the world!  You can snag your very own “Matte Multi Banded Agate Cause Bracelet”, write your wish or HOPE on the tiny piece of paper that comes with it, and wear it every day.  (For those with nonverbal kiddos like me, what I did was I used a stamp ink pad and put their finger prints on the tiny paper and wrote my wishes for them!) 

By purchasing this bracelet you are not only wearing a beautiful piece of Lorelei’s legacy, but you are helping us find a cure for Mitochondrial Disease. Wishbeads is giving a percentage of sales from Lorelei’s bracelet to Lorelei + Benji’s Fund for a Mito Cure at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Additionally, since I am a Wishbeads Affiliate, if you purchase through my link, ANY bracelet, book, wish-FULL item you purchase will help us raise extra money!  Thank you for helping this mama get closer to finding a cure or treatment for Mitochondrial Disease.   

Matte Multi Banded Agate Cause Bracelet
Wishbead Wish Warrior Susan Geoghegan
Wishbeads Lorelei